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We specialise in using social media to generate demand in the B2B space. Our suite of automation, content and social listening technologies enable our clients to scale their social presence and generate demand in a short period of time.


We help large organisations deploy social media to boost employee voice, reputation and increase stakeholder engagement in the C-Suite.


Our social media events focus on delivering the best intelligence to the Financial Services, Pharmaceutical and Logistics sectors.


We manage the personal brands of some of the worlds leading CEO’s and industry thought leaders.


We build industry specific intellligence reports which enable you to understand your core buyers in greater detail.


A We create organisational compliance policies and deploy reputational risk technology to protect your brand on social media. We specialise in compliant spaces such as Financial Services, Pharmaceutical and the Logisitics sector


A little bit about who we are and what we do

At The Social Tree (formally The Social Selling Company) we help professionals and brands dominate on social media. Our solutions are designed to give our clients the edge in demand generation, intelligence and awareness on social.  Since our start in 2016. we have helped over 80 companies transform their social media presence and educated over 3,000 professionals in how to create a professional brand using social media.


Social selling expertise at your fingertips

James Saward-Anderson / Co-Founder

James is a co-founder at The Social Tree. James also founded the SMIF, SMIP and SMIL brands which now deliver conferences and reports to the professional sector. When he is not focused on building the company, James is out undertaking Ultra Endurance events and will be aiming to beat the Press Up World record in 2019

Maxwell Hannah / Co-Founder

Max is co-founder of The Social Tree and has a real passion for sales and all things business development. It was Max’s dream as a young boy to run a business one day and is thrilled to be living this dream. Social media is without doubt one of the most important tools when it comes to winning new business and this passion is evident it all aspects of Max’s work. Max has helped shape the social strategy for 100’s of people and companies in the last 3 years and uses this experience to drive exceptional results for his clients.

When not growing the business Max enjoys cross country running and dreams of running the Camino de Santiago.

Hanna Rothenstein / Event Manager

Hanna joined The Social Tree in 2018. With her work as Event Manager she expands the “Social Media in” Event Series and helps planning new projects. After graduating from SRH Hochschule Berlin, Hanna has been working in France and England with Four Seasons and Hilton. Whilst gaining experience in the Hospitality Sector she discovered her passion for Event Management. When she is not out finding new speakers and checking out Venues she loves to go for a good swim.

Alex Hannah / Marketing Manager

A startup company (startup or start-up) is an entrepreneurial venture typically describing newly emerged, fast-growing business.

Sean Hodges / Account Manager

 Sean is head of noise-making and all things social at The Social Tree. Sean always wanted to work at a start- up because it meant he could write a bio in 3rd person without sounding like a nut. In his spare time Sean likes trying to run further than James and flying his drone.

Isabelle Marino

Isabelle is responsible for account management at The Social Tree. As an intern for the Company, she is constantly gaining invaluable knowledge into the marketing sector, whilst acknowledging the importance of teamwork in a start-up. Besides working for The Social Tree, Isabelle adores the world of vintage clothing and hopes one day to have our own fashion brand

Westley – Office Liason Manager

Westley is responsible for ensuring that all staff at the Social Tree remain happy and sufficiently cuddled. He is an expert in running in parks and eating chicken.


We work with some of the biggest brands in the world


Happy Delegates 


Satsified  B2B Customers 


Leads Generated Per Month 


 Bespoke  Social Media Reports Generated


Social Media Intelligence For The Financial Services, Pharmacuetical & Logistics Sectors


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