B2B Social Media Fundamentals 2019

Your complete guide for effective B2B Social Media Marketing

Cold calling and email marketing are yielding diminishing returns for marketers, Social Media however offers one of the strongest opportunities for businesses to grow.

79% of marketing specialists said that Social Media was now their most effective marketing channel. 

If your business fails to adapt to the changing landscape it will be left behind.

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                   raditional B2B marketing              and engagement routes  are failing. 

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Use social media  for B2B marketing

Use Social media in a  wider corporate sense

Utilise Social media for  HR and recruitment

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In the guide you'll to learn how to:

  Define a B2B social media strategy for your company

The Social Treee is a dedicated B2B Social Media service provider based in the UK.  We focus on providing a dedicated Social Sales solution to our customers.

Our current customers range from small start-ups all the way to FTSE 250 organisations and we pride ourselves in delivering highly professional and target driven campaigns fueled by our expertise and passion for Social Media

About Us

At Social Tree, we offer clients:

Managed Service Social Campaigns Management of senior executives on social media. 

Reporting & Analytics 

Understand your buyers online using our advanced social listening tools and analysis


Award-winning conferences dedicated to social media intelligence and insight

Social Content Creation

video content creation which is designed for social media

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.”

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